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About Crossroads Israel


Ever since Anat remembers, she has loved history.  This fascination with the lessons of the past shaped her career choices as she spent many years teaching history, language arts, ancient civilizations, geography and humanities in public schools, Jewish day schools and synagogue religious schools in Northern California.


Although born in Israel and always knowing it was home, Anat spent most of her childhood abroad, in Tanzania and Peru.  After returning to Israel to complete her service in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she was a basic training instructor, she headed to the U.S. to study.  She obtained her degree from Penn State University and ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she raised a family.


However, after more than 25 years of dreaming about returning to the land of her birth, Anat finally came home in 2011.  She had always wanted to learn more about the richness and beauty of Israel, and to explore its role as the crossroads of history, religion, culture, and people. And now, she decided to teach others about it.


Anat became a licensed Israel tour guide, taking her passions to a new level.  She enjoys guiding a variety of people; from organized groups discovering Israel for the first time, to interfaith groups as they explore the Holy Land, individuals, couples or multi-generational family expeditions or Conservative and Reform congregations on their annual trips. Anat guides in English and in Spanish.


Starting a new chapter in her life has been exhilarating.  Anat lives in the beautiful Galilee, on Kibbutz Hannaton, a small, religious, egalitarian, multi denominational, intentional community kibbutz.  When she is home, Anat spends time exploring Israel with her husband and the youngest of their daughters, playing with her two dogs and many cats and relishing being part of the Hannaton community.  


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