Kibbutz Hannaton

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Tour the only Jewish, religious, pluralistic, multi-denominational, egalitarian, intentional community kibbutz in Israel, with ELEVEN women and men rabbis, and ONE synagogue. How do they do it??? Take a walking tour through the kibbutz. Learn about the ancient Lower Galilee, the history of the kibbutz movement, step into the synagogue where everyone prays together, visit the unique mikveh on site and the ancient, 2,000 mikveh discovered and transfered here in 2020. End the tour with a culinary workshop where you’ll learn to make the iconic Sabich with local Chef Reut Tzohar ******************** (Please allow 90 minutes for this tour, including questions and answers) ******************** PLEAST NOTE: The tour dates and times displayed below can be switched between New York time and your local time zone

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